A Good Noyse (2016)

To be premiered as part of the Frontiers Festival in March 2017 in Birmingham, England
(recorder, 2 vln, vla, vlc)

Conceived in three movements, A Good Noyse is a concerto for recorder and string quartet. The first movement takes a brief, fragmentary gesture and transforms it into a big, climatic gesture. The second movement, the centerpiece of the work, is a staid, still sound world, where the recorder intones a melody over a slowly changing string accompaniment. The final movement is a short, quirky fragment that borrows material from one of my first student compositions. 

The title of the work is taken from a poem by the 16th century poet, Richard Sheale: 

'His plainge of instrumentes was a good noyse,
His singing as excellent with a sweete voyce;
His countenaunce comely with visage demure,
Not moving nor streining, but stedfast and sure.'